the meaning of puta mierda

Coloquial, vulgar (descartar, no importar) ( offensive ) jack shit any old shit No puedes justificarte con mentiras ni mierda alguna!
Here "puta" doesn't mean bitch, it's just and adjective used for everything: puta locura (fucking madness puto cabrón (fucking bastard puto despertador (fucking alarm clock puto perro (fucking dog) " shit bitch " would be "puta DE mierda".
This is Archie Bunker crap, right?
Now that I am no longer on any education-related payroll, I can finally impart my knowledge of malas palabras en Castellano, Castellano being the type of Spanish spoken.She's a bloody marvellous cook, arg.De mierda Adjetivo utilizado a modo de exclamación para indicar lo molesto que algo resulta Adjetivo utilizado a modo de exclamación para indicar lo molesto que algo resulta Eufemismo de fucking frigging freaking freaking frigging fucking effing busco putita mayor en viña shitty shittier -comp., shittiest -sup.There are also several common idioms using puta, in particular de puta madre, which can be both very positive or negative, as shown below.Additional comments: Collaborative Dictionary Spanish-English puta!Your fucking shit is good.Es una mierda de carro.There are congnates in most Romance languages.g., French "putan Italian "putana".Irse alguien a la mierda vulgar (rechazar) ( vulgar ) fuck off ( person, vulgar ) go fuck yourself No me importa lo que ella haga; se puede ir a la mierda.Because of its many uses, lets start with what the.Cosa sin valor o mal hecha.Mierda (also: madre ) volume_up motherfucker noun Amer.Motherfucker ; brilliant ; amazing, arg.;Fam.
Expresa contrariedad o indignación.
The next time that happens, if he wants to memoria de mis putas tristes precio tell the TV presenter to eff off, I'm quite happy with that.

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More translations and examples : fuck, fucking thing, fucking nothing, porque es una puta mierda instalarlas.