sonda lambda escort zetec 1 8

In the under hood fuse box usaully next to either the left or right front fendern.
A few days later I went to another outfit.
This one is a little blackbox that sits behind the dashboard.Also, the sending unit for the gauge is there.Lambda Sensors diagnostic advice FAQs fault finding.Home part search tech notes diagnostics terms.It has a solenoid on the starter that handles the heavy amperage.The relay for the fan is under the fuse box; remove it and you will find two mujer madura busca joven en panama relays.Vin#wfonxxg canse24686 Dažas nordts cenas var mainties (kva.There should be two fuse locations.1996.6 lietota 10, ford Escort 97g Coupe,.On the 1996 Taurus it is located in the ccrm which is not serviceable you will need a new one from the auto parts store or from a junk yard.Please update question with which relay you are looking for.
One is relay sensor other is relay.