This city is not only made up of Mexican born men and women.
Many children enjoy trips to small family-owned stores, which have games which are referred to as "las maquinitas which are used for social gatherings and, to some extent, gambling.
Culture edit Given that Cuautla lies in the heart of Southern Mexico, cultural diversity is inevitable.War of Independence during a siege which began on February 19 and ended on May 2, 1812.Cuautla, Morelos, is a city and municipality in the, mexican state of, morelos, about 104 kilometers south of, mexico City.Architecture edit The vast majority of buildings in Cuautla, are made of stone and cement with metal rod reinforcements.During the, mexican Revolution, cuautla was the first city conquered by the forces of, emiliano Zapata, who was born.These waters have a characteristic smell reminiscent of rotten eggs because of their sulfur content.On the other hand, because Cuautla is somewhat close to the Equator, temperatures year-round tend to reach into the mid 80s to lower 90sF (upper 20sC to the lower 30sC) even during the winter, and in spring on many days the daytime temperatures may reach.Daily life edit, in most family households, both parents work full-time, while their child either attends school or follows his parents' career.Apart from that, cement companies such as Cemex and Moldes de Colima fuel economic competition in this city, many of which not only make cement, but also try to compete in the production of asphalt, cinder blocks and gypsum.It features many archeological sites such as Chalcatzingo and indigenous communities such as the Tepoztlán and Tetelcingo among others."Cuautla de Morelos (Cuautla, Morelos, Mexico) - Population Statistics, Charts, Map, Location, Weather and Web Information".In the winter, there is a slight decrease in both the daytime and nighttime temperatures, and because of Cuautla's proximity to the Tropic of Cancer and its altitude (about 4,500 feet above sea level the nighttime temperatures year-round usually average about 57 F (14 C).There are 22 registered churches in the municipal area.Weather edit The city is quite warm year-round.Public transportation is mainly dominated by a metro-bus system.These buses madura busca hombre salta are referred to as "combis." These buses are small, and can hold up to roughly 10 people.2, the municipality covers 153.651 km (59.325 sq mi).Contents, history edit, cuautla was the scene of one of the fiercest battles of the.In the 2010 census the city population was 154,358.