Piscola - Pisco with Coke and ice.
Mote con huesillo - Cooked dried peaches and fresh cooked husked wheat served as a drink.Reload to refresh your session.Vaina - Sweet cocktail drink.It was used among the Mapuche before the arrival of the Spaniards.Lúcuma : A subtropical fruit of Andean origin, native to Peru it has grown well for centuries in southern Ecuador and Chile's northern coast.Seafood such as abalone, prawns, clams, crabs, shrimp, oysters, lobsters, percebes, picorocos, and eels are also fished in large amounts.Cuisine of the North, cuisine of the Central Coast, cuisine of the South.Maize was a staple diet that prospered in three empires Mayas, Aztecs, and the Incas.Major crops, throughout Chile and.It should be noted that Chilean choclo is a different variety of Maize than is known elsewhere.Arica, former Peruvian territory, are considered a variety originating in the northern region and are widely recognized in Chile.All of the varying cuisines have received some contribution from the European and Chilean people living throughout the country.This is called a Replica escort 20000 (Aftershock).
Chicha - Sweet fermented wine typically made from apples though sometimes from grapes too.