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I love fucking swear words, Pascal said, when IndieWire initially apologized for bringing up the subject.Narcos, juan Pablo Gutierrez/netflix, my character curses like a sailor, Castro added."It's a very transcendent word star Pedro Pascal said about the curse "puta which is just one of the words that the "Narcos" team tries to make sure they get right in translation.Narcos, which just premiered its third season, has fully embraced.You can engulf a lot into puta he said, adding with a laugh: 50 Shades of Puta by Arturo Castro, a memoir.Sangre y fuego, puta policía, puta policía, puta policía.Javier Valdez, perdiodista de Culiacán indica que las mujeres bellas estaban como muebles, para presumirlas, pero pasaron de ser esto a ser mujeres ya metidas en el tráfico de armas y lavado de dinero y en el sicariato.Si bien es sabido que la belleza femenina natural de Sinaloa es de lo mas hermoso del norte del país, las extravagancias y lujos que da la vida al lado de un narco o sicario en esta parte del país especialmente en Culiacán.It was really fun.Sign up for our email newsletters here.I hope thats not too offensive.Theres no limit on the language that Netflixs adult dramas can use on screen something that.But while non-Spanish-speakers reading the shows subtitles will note that the word puta is typically translated as motherfucker, theres no consensus on the direct translation escort la plata trans of the swear word.Its one of those sort of catch-all insults.Not only did playing David Rodriguez, the ruthless son of a Cali cartel kingpin, offer him the chance to take on a very different role, but it gave him the chance to act in Spanish for what he said was the first time mujer busca hombre locanto mar del plata in his professional.Whatever puta might mean to them, one thing was clear no matter what language youre doing it in, swearing can be a lot of fun.Puta policía, puta policía, la puta policía nos molesta tó los días.A successful bilingual show and thats very rare.I was able to do a show in Spanish that I know people in the English speaking world will see too.Angelina, es el protipo de la mujer trepadora, de familia bien se mantiene bella para su hombre, ella no aprecia la competencia de otras mujeres, no duda en reconocer que la mueve el poder y la ambición.
Its weird with translation sometimes.