It means fucking bitch, puta being bitch and pinche means fucking in Mexico.
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In other latin countries it means to be cheap.The time now is 11:52.Reply to Thread #1, what does "pinche" mean?when speaking of a nasty hooker on the corner: "That hoe is piňche caliente.Edita libremente para incluir la versión de tu país o región.If Jay putas dos hermanas (Silent Bob's hetero life mate) spoke Spanish, he would say pinche."Ese Pinche Gringo me dijo que no puedo estacionarme en frente de su casa." "That Pinche Gringo said i couldn't park my car in front of his house." "Pinche gringa vieja, cara de bruja." "Old, witch faced, pinche gringa.".I see "pinche" in Mexico less as "fucking" than as "damn, darn, crappy, worthless, no-good" etc.Copyright 2006 - English Spanish Translator.So I guess this particular phrase would be like cheap whore which still makes sense lol.Reply With" michelle vazquez espinosa putita #9 Que Significa 'Piche' Aqui en Texas, en el 'Tex Mex' pinche significa 'f-ing'.Its comparable to son of a bitch in American English.(2 kitchen boys are needed for half shifts) b) Pinche gringo culero ve a chingar a tu reputisima madre!"Ese viejo es bien pinche" means "That man is really stingy" "Ese pinche viejo no hace nada bien!" means that worthless man doesn't do anything well.For example: H d p, what a lousy day at the office.In Mexico, it's an all-purpose insult enhancer, which would be roughly equivalent to the use of fucking in English.Pinche is strongly associated with cursing in Mexican Spanish and the very moment you use it gives you away as a Mexican national.In this context it's still used in Spain.Cuál es el significado de la palabra pinche?Además, aquí en Barcelona no está en absoluto ligada a ningún contexto del tipo "fucking si bien es cierto que denota un tono despectivo dentro del ramo, ínfimo la mayoría de las veces.Reply With" #6, michelle, in general terms both David a Otger agreed that Pinche means "cook assitant".
This is the least prestigious job in the kitchen, the one requiring the least talent, ability, and experience.

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It's a hair clip.
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