The names of the dead were withheld pending notification of next of kin.
19 F-86D-40-NA, 18 was involved.Retrieved ylén, Mats, "He has not forgotten the air crash Höganäs Dagblad, ylén, Mats, "Han har inte glömt flygkraschen Höganäs Dagblad, "Han har inte glömt flygkraschen".Retrieved Los Angeles, California, "47 killed as planes collide in air Los Angeles Times, Sunday 2 February 1958, Volume lxxvii, Number 33, page 1, part.Air Force F-86 Sabre Jets collided over Lake Michigan.Associated Press, cita a ciegas serie gay "Crash Takes Life of One The San mujer que busca marido millonario Bernardion Daily Sun, San Bernardino, California, Wednesday, Volume lxiii, Number 124, page.Twitchell at least recognized the aircraft with which they collided as a jet.283 22 January.S.86 14 September usaf Douglas A-26B-45-DL Invader, loses starboard engine on take off from 5,142-foot-long runway 12/30, Mitchel AFB, New York, runs through perimeter fence on southeast side of field, comes to rest on the Hempstead Turnpike.Confirmation that it was Verdin's body was made by Edwards AFB officers who landed at the scene in a helicopter a few minutes after the discovery.Pilot ejects too low and is killed.All crew members are killed except the tail gunner."At Washington, the Air Force said the following men were aboard the plane: Maj."F7U Cutlass Ramp Strike".Payne, Airman.c., whose wife, Myrle, lives at San Jose, Calif., and Clandell.January Sole Piasecki YH-16A Turbo Transporter helicopter prototype, 50-1270, breaks up in flight at 1555 hrs.At the 11,000 foot level."Bob" Hagan 1 ejecting successfully.